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 Alright, so here's the deal. I started a project 365 journal on GJ a while back, but my computer was way too rediculous to be uploading pictures and hosting them and everything everyday. Now its nice and speedy and I can do all the uploading my little hear desires, so I decided to start up again! Please feel free to add me and comment, and I'll add you back and leave plenty of comments as well. :] Also: ohsoxinfectious is my normal journal, so feel free to add me there as well.
So this journal is officially:
March 8th 2008 THROUGH March 8th 2009.

March 8th 2008. Day One.Collapse )
That's it. :] Some of them didnt come out too great on the computer, I'll resize next time, I was just too lazy lol.

PS. The rest of my entries will be friends only, just because. :]

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